Draco-Toridas is a Half-Bronze Dragon Elf Lord who spends most of his time heading up minor guildhouses in various small towns far away from capital cities. Keeping such relatively low responsibility occupations leaves him free to operate more freely behind public eyes.

In his youth, the then full elven Sorcerer was named Aust, and befriend a rival spellcaster named Malick, with whom he adventured, along with the elven maiden Lelenia, and a half-orc barbarian named Thokk. Throughout their adventures, Aust was killed no less than 4 times, 3 of which by the ‘Disintegrate’ spell. Ironically, it is one of Toridas’ favorite spells to use in combat against larger foes.

Aust is known for his creativity with spellcasting. At one point, he was challenged by malick to bring down a powerful plant creature with only novice-level spells and without resorting to fire spells at all. Aust responded by using a grease spell to knock his foe prone, a Tenser’s Floating Disc spell which he directed on top of his prone enemy, and a web spell to hold it under the disc.

Aust’s familiar is a tressyr – a winged house-cat – named Abby.

Shortly after the New Amborean cataclysm, Aust found a bronze dragon claiming to be one of his ancestors. After much study, he became a disciple of that dragon and it’s family who all dwelt in the same demi plane, eventually becoming a half dragon through magnifying his draconic heritage. He is accepted in dragon society as a full dragon known as Draco-Toridas.

Toridas usually keeps his draconic nature hidden from most, and very rarely lets on that he is as powerful as he is.

Though officially not a member of the Arcane Order, Toridas did take the tests at the Tower of High Sorcery many years ago – receiving red robes at the time. Since then, he has been granted honorary white robes from Malick himself.

Toridas’ was Jerika’s master for a time. while she was studying.

Though not confident, Toridas surmises that he is more powerful than Malick, having beaten him years ago when they were young in the only mage duel the two ever participated in against one another. He openly admits that was a long time ago, and both he and Malick have grown much since then, and so doesn’t strictly claim superiority over Malick. He does admit that Malick probably knows more detail about magic than he, though toridas’ claims to know more of it’s nuance than Malick.


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