Malick is a powerful, and old, wizard. He is known for playing a pivotal role in the Demon Wars, as well as founding both the Master Arcane Guild of Mezzobodan, and the surrounding City of Towers. He is one of the few living, mortal beings to have lived in both the Enlightened Calendar Age and also the New Amborea Age.

Malick at one point shared a close friendship/rivalry with an Elven Sorcerer named Aust(later Draco-Toridas), but their relationship has grown distant due to their very different views on life and magic. While maintaining respect for Toridas, Malick openly despises him.

Malick has several tiefling and demoness consorts given to him by various demon lords and archdevils. He knows full well they are spies sent to keep tabs on him, and thus doesn’t mind them having around as he knows he powerful enough that most archdevils and demonlords can’t do a thing about any plans he has. The most famous such consort is Corrina.

Malick secretly adored Lyndera in life, the daughter of his and Toridas’ former companion Lelenia(Toridas’ secret lover). She did not return his affections, but was very close with Toridas – part of the cause of Malick’s loathing for him.

Malick is the most powerful wizard currently living in Amborea.


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