Arvizu is a Hero-Deity within the Amborean Pantheon. He is a paladin, and the official head of the Paladin order of the Lightbringer, himself being the referred to ‘Lightbringer’.

Arvizu was born sometime around 4000 BEC (Before Enlightened Calendar) to a human father and elven mother. His mother died in childbirth, and his father taught him the ways of the Paladin.

When he was in his mid-twenties, he began a trek from his home (a small town outside the Lanarian forest) to the capital city to accept official entrance into the then Paladin Order. As he journeyed he met up with the wizard Ismenios, then known as Nemo.

Arvizu and Nemo quickly became renowned as they adventured, saving villages and towns from goblins, orcs, and undead, eventually combining forces with a human warrior named Xenos and a cleric known as Molvir. The 4 continued campaigning with Arvizu at their head for close to 25 years, until engaging the Torrasque.

Their initial encounter with the beast was devastating, Arvizu himself losing his life. He was however, due to his faith, restored to life with a body forged by the gods – appearing with Silver glowing eyes and angelic, white wings. Reuniting with his companions, they made plans to bring the torrasque down.

The final battle with the torrasque was rather epic. Evil forces had attempted to control the torrasque and use it as a force of war – while battling these forces and the torrasque itself, The group was eventually successful, though Xenos was mortally wounded and Ismenios slain. Molvir attempted an appeal to his God for a miracle to finish the torrasque forever despite it’s unstoppable regeneration, though this failed. Arvizu, calling in reinforcements from the Paladin guild he now was the head of, had the torrasque’s body taken deep within a nearby desert canyon. There, in the deepest cave they could find that was suitable, the Torrasque was chained.

Arvizu set up an order of guardians to watch the torrasque, and every several months when it awoke, to continually injure it into unconsciousness until returning to sleep.

Arvizu went on, with his new Celestial Body for several thousand years as head of the paladin order, eventually rising to Godhood and joining the Amborean Pantheon, finding Ismenios there as well. Arvizu’s ascension is marked with the creation of the Enlightened Calendar.

Around 2000 years later, the paladin order is in disarray, and very corrupt. A young Paladin named Hank struggling with reconciling the contradictions he found in several differing philosophies held by him and his two brothers: Aaron and Christopher. Aaron felt that the way of the Paladin was to heal those who are injured, rebuild the destruction caused by evil – if one city is destroyed: Build two More. Christopher felt that the true way of the paladin was to seek out evil and destroy it as soon as found, without question. Evil is Evil and needs to be destroyed. Lives taken need to be avenged, and so on. Hank himself felt that while those other two philosophies had merit, that it was a truer philosophy to prevent evil in the first place, rather than simply rebuild or heal the damage it causes, or to simply destroy it when found.

Arvizu at this time appeared to Hank after much prayer on the part of the latter, instructing him that all three philosophies existed within the Way of the Paladin. Hank describes the experience of being taught by Arvizu as an enlightening, and so under Arvizu’s instruction reorganized the Paladin Order into it’s current incarnation of the “Brotherhood of the Lightbringer”. The three brothers became it’s first heads, forever known as Doebringer(hank), Phoenixbringer(Aaron), and Drakebringer(Christopher).


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